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How To Store Logs

Having a wood fireplace in your home makes it a much warmer and inviting indoor space during the cooler months.  However, to make the most of your fireplace, you will need a steady supply of seasoned logs with low moisture content.  This can be quite challenging in winter, when there is a lot of moisture around.


To help you secure a steady supply of logs, this post will provide some tips on storing logs correctly.  We’ll also showcase a couple of fantastic log stores.


Why is it important to store logs correctly?

Storing logs correctly means keeping them in a location where they will not be exposed to high levels of moisture.  That’s because the lower the moisture content of your logs is, the better they will burn in your fireplace.  Storing your logs correctly will also prevent them from rotting.


Burning logs with low moisture content will ensure that the logs

  • Ignite quickly
    Less kindling needs to be used
  • Burn efficiently
    For every 1% less moisture in a log, it will release 1% more energy as heat
  • Burn for a longer period
    Dry seasoned logs will burn for longer than damp or unseasoned logs
  • Burn cleaner
    Logs with less water content will release less smoke into the environment


Using dry logs means you will enjoy a

hotter, more efficient fire, and you won’t have to make as many trips to the log pile.


Preparing your logs for storage

Before you can use a log in a fireplace, it should be dried and seasoned.  Seasoning timber means reducing its moisture content

.  This is done by placing it in the sun for up to 6 months.  During this time, the wood will lose weight, change colour, develop cracks, and become brittle.


Most commercial firewood is already seasoned, but if it is not, you will need to place your logs in a sunny position for an extended period.


The best way to store your logs

Here are a few simple tips that will ensure you have access to a plentiful supply of dry logs for the coming winter.

  1. Choose a good location for your woodstore
    It’s important to store your logs in a convenient location that is close to your fireplace. After all, you don’t want to walk through the entire garden to get to your woodpile in the middle of winter.


Some people store their wood logs inside their home, however, the logs will take up valuable space, may be quite messy, and will present a fire risk.  Stacked logs can also attract pests who like to make nests in the gaps between logs.


The best option is usually an outdoor location that

is within 30 metres of your home.   This  is close enough that retrieving more firewood isn’t too difficult, but any pests attracted to the woodstore are far from your home.

The location you choose should be exposed to sunlight to help the logs stay dry, so avoid placing the woodstore under a tree.  You should also choose a location within the backyard that does not flood during heavy rain events.


  1. Keep the logs off the ground

It is essential to prevent your logs from touching the ground as it will introduce moisture into the timber.  Use bricks or wooden palettes to elevate the logs, or install a concrete, asphalt, or gravel floor under the log store.   Even a tarpaulin can be sufficient

for protecting logs from moisture.


If you are purchasing a pre-built woodstore, ensure it has a gap between the ground and the first layer of logs — this will allow air to circulate under the log pile, preventing your logs from rotting.


  1. Stack your logs correctly
    Logs should never be thrown in a pile as moisture is more likely to accumulate and cause the logs to rot. Instead, stack logs in rows so there is good airflow and drainage.


Log stacks should be about a metre tall and no more than one log-length deep.  You can stack each layer of logs in the opposite direction of the next one to maximise airflow.  If you are stacking the logs in a shed or log store, leave some room between the logs and the walls of the structure.


  1. Keep your logs dry
    There are multiple approaches you can take for keeping your log piles dry. You can place them in a commercial woodstore or shed. They can also be placed underneath a carport or another structure on your property.


Alternatively, you can simply cover your wood piles using a plastic or canvas tarpaulin. If you decide to use a tarpaulin, make sure it is secure and will not be moved by strong winds.  A tarpaulin can also be used with a woodstore if you think the wind may blow rain onto your log piles.


If you do decide to use a tarpaulin, remember to only cover logs when it is raining.  The tarpaulin should be partially or fully removed during sunny weather to help the logs dry out and to let air circulate between logs.  If you cover wet wood for long periods, it will inevitably begin to rot and will not burn well.


  1. Protect against pests
    Pests like mice, ants, wasps, termites, spiders, and snakes all enjoy making a home for themselves in a log pile. That’s why you should always be cautious when picking up logs and bringing them into your home. You can use some diatomaceous earth or pesticides around your log pile to keep the smaller pests away.  However, avoid spraying chemical pesticides directly on your logs as this may cause toxic substances to be released when the log is burnt.  Mouse traps may be useful if you often have rodents nesting in your wood pile.


  1. Bring the logs in a day early
    Bring in the logs you want to burn a day early and store them in a dry area of your home. This will help to remove any residual moisture from the log.


Berkshire Log Stores

We offer a wide range of log stores including our:


  • Large Slatted Log Store (L1800mm x H1300mm x D690mm)
    Rectangular log store with optional doors and shelving. Has slats at the ends to encourage air flow.  Pressure treated to protect against rot and insect infestation.
  • Standard Tall Log Store (H1800mm x W975mm x D690mm)
    Tall log store with raised base and lower back panel for optimal air flow. Pressure treated to protect against rot and insect infestation.
  • Tall Garden Store with Log Store (H1900mm x W1700mm x D700mm)
    A combination garden store and log store with optional doors and shelves.


Drop by the website for a closer look at our products!


Thanks for reading How To Store Logs.  To learn more, visit the Berkshire Log Stores website or contact us today on 07548 506525.